This morning, we go back to the Wuqu’Kawoq office to write the voice-over narration of our documentary.

Around four o’clock, as our bellies begin to growl, we head for the covered market in Tecpán, to find the restaurant “El buen gusto” * of our dear Esperanza. On the menu this afternoon, “chiles rellenos”, stuffed peppers with pork, accompanied by rice and tortillas, for only 40 quetzales, the equivalent of 5 euros in all! We take advantage of being in the heart of the covered market to film Esperanza and his colleagues in the kitchen and the animation of the vendors of the various stands of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish.

At the end of the afternoon, we have the chance to meet in real life Anne Kraemer Diaz, the co-founder of the association Wuqu’Kawoq with whom we had met via Skype throughout this year to implement place our partnership. Anne is a brilliant woman and our exchange was most rewarding. An anthropologist by training, she has studied the work of NGOs with a very critical eye on the consequences of their work. Then, she confides to us that she realized that the action of the non-governmental organizations was necessary to change the present situation of the indigenous populations in Guatemala, considering the lack of responsibility of the Guatemalan State. She has therefore worked to create an NGO that tends to move away from traditional models, by promoting a conscious approach and a local anchoring in order not to reproduce the relations of domination, sources of oppression of the indigenous peoples.

According to Anne, the major challenge facing the Wuqu’Kawoq association is to avoid the pitfalls of a universalizing action that could violate the cultural codes of Maya populations and reproduce the domination relationships as they exist in the programs. current access to health. It is about empowering indigenous peoples to assert their own rights for the purposes of development and empowerment. The NGO wants to avoid the miserabilistic approaches that tend to weaken the symbolic power and the collective action of the indigenous populations.

We learn a lot by listening to his very conscientious speech to always act in a fair way. Once again we are impressed by so much will and energy from this woman.