Hola a los amigos y a las amigas,

Already a month since we returned from Guatemala and we’re still full of thoughts and emotions … How to describe this month spent on the other side of the world? Some thoughts are still inexplicable, as it is difficult to find the words to write them precisely.

We certainly expected that our preconceptions would be challenged, our cultural codes would be jostled, that we could learn drastically different things … But we did not expect such a cultural slap, human and intellectual … and, no doubt, emotional.

We hope to have succeeded in transcribing our impressions as the project, through this blog. Thousands of thanks to those who read it with (or without) diligence and who appreciated it. Thank you also for the many extremely positive feedback we have had; they encouraged and motivated us throughout this journey and even today.

Now, it’s time to think about the coming months …

This is the start time for the InterCambio team as well, and we are entering a new phase of the project, namely the return of everything we have seen in recent months. This restitution will take different forms.

First, we will make a documentary highlighting the difficulties of access to health faced by Mayan women in Guatemala. This documentary will be screened during parties we will organize and we will give you the dates!

We will also organize exhibitions in Paris and Lyon. We will display photographic snapshots, broadcast local music, and set up interactive activities (olfactory, visual and sound) to encourage viewers to reflect on marginalization, respect for human rights and parallels we can do between the different countries of the world. Many topics will be covered: culture (s), education, national citizenship, international solidarity, difference (s), equality, justice, sexism, marginalization, etc.

Finally, we started during the month of August the drafting of a small book, which we hope to publish by the end of the year. The latter proposes a historical, political and social vision of the question of the Maya people in Guatemala!

Obviously, we will continue to send you the updates of all our events and update the site so that you continue to follow us.

In terms of precise organization, here is how we plan to cut out the coming months:

From September to December 2017:

  • Documentary editing
  • Organization of exhibitions

From January to June 2018 :

  • Broadcast of the documentary. We are currently negotiating partnerships with different Parisian and Lyonnais cinemas. Broadcasts will also be made at the universities of Lyon 2, Sciences Po Lyon, Paris X, Paris II-Assas and Berkeley (California). We are also planning a broadcast at the Maison des Femmes in Paris. If you know of places that might be interested in showing this documentary, do not hesitate to contact us (intercambio.projet@gmail.com)
  • Exhibitions in Paris and Lyon (places to be defined)
  • Organization of Café-debates: Small-group meeting of twenty people to share-around a café and a madeleine … or other- with various stakeholders in connection with the law of minorities.

The new use of this blog:

By entering this new phase, this blog itself will change its face! We encourage you to continue to consult it because it is here that we will publish the dates and places of our upcoming events and a short film, as a preview of the documentary to be broadcast in January!

See you soon!