On this Monday morning, we plan our work for our last week.

We are holding a meeting to discuss more specifically the plot of our documentary, which is not an easy task. Looking back over the past three weeks, we are very happy with all the testimonials we have been able to gather, and impressed by the energy given by all the women we met.

This week, we must also work on the narrative of the documentary, the famous “voiceover” that will have to be in Spanish. We are so busy …

At the end of the afternoon, we invite Esperanza to have a coffee to thank her for all the help she has given us. She is very curious about our feelings about her country and what we think about the situation of women in Guatemala. Not easy to answer such a question without hurting the traditions that have punctuated the life of Esperanza! We are still embarking on the exercise … We also address the crime of the country, Esperanza explains that after the civil war, many men had only knew how to use a weapon. As a result, finding themselves unemployed, some of them preferred to continue to make a living criminally. According to her, this is one of the explanations of the high crime rate in the country, not to mention the geographical situation of Guatemala, which makes it a necessary passage for drug trafficking between South America and the United States. Esperanza also describes the role of many NGOs that help girls in rural communities to have access to education so that they can have the opportunity to choose their own way of life.

This last moment in his company was very rewarding and when we say goodbye, we realize that the end of the stay is approaching … All the more reason to enjoy nachos and Guacamole at the cocktail hour!