Today was our first day of filming. The weather was nice, we took the opportunity to walk in Tecpán to identify scenes of daily life. On the way to doing so, we discovered “the oficina of the mujer”, the municipal office of Tecpán dedicated to women. We timidly decided to walk through the door and were received very warmly by the City Manager. She explained that this office has existed since 2010. It aims to make women aware of their rights and obligations, and to help them cope with precarious economic and social situations, by setting up workshops where they learn the basics needed to create their own projects. It emphasizes the role of the family as a stable circle to ensure respect for women’s rights and the good upbringing of children. According to her, being a “una soltera”, an unmarried woman, does not allow women to give a good education to their children. We wondered if this vision is linked to the strong prominence of religion in Guatemalan society. The director was pleased to participate in the production of our documentary through a filmed interview.

Once the energy of the central place is captured by our objectives, we decided to use more distant streets. In front of a bakery, a group of Mayan women and children drew our attention. We tried to start a discussion with them but we realized that they only spoke Kaqchikel. By a sign language straight out of our imagination, we managed to get their consent to film them. The baker, meanwhile, seemed both surprised and proud to be at the forefront of our images. She then began to clean her shop and beckoned us to film the interior. As a thank you, we wanted to buy her fresh pastries, but to our amazement, it is she who gifted them to us to show her gratitude for having been filmed.

It is remarkable to see how sharing and exchange of simple things can create instant links between individuals.

Tomorrow will be a great day for us, we will be following one of the nurses of Wuqu’Kawoq to a rural community outside of the city.