This Sunday was like any other in Tecpán. The market settled in the center of the city while the great Catholic Church filled with its faithful believers. We walk between the colorful stalls to buy food for the coming week … and especially for tonight, because we invited the person we live with, Esperanza, and her son Nicolas to dinner.

As the wind hits the house’s roof loudly, we wait patiently for our guests who have traditionally dressed for the occasion. The gratin plates are gradually emptying and Esperanza leads us into a discussion of the political system of his country. According to her, a military government would be the only one able to calm and pacify Guatemala. The corruption – “como vosotros en Europa” – is bad for the country and Nicolas explains that from now on, 18 years old, he can be part of “los hombres de la Ronda“, an informal group of men who watch the villages during the night. Esperanza brings us a radio to cheer up our evenings. Animated by Latin rhythms, she begins to present us the history of the different objects that furnish the living room: the traditional vases worn on women’s heads, the metal iron, a stone mortar and pestle, a Mayan statuette , stag horns as a souvenir of her trip to Madrid (“de la basura de Madrid”). With a nostalgic air, she explains to us that keeping all these objects allows her to safeguard the heritage of the Mayan culture; “Es para no olvidar nuestra historia“. In this regard, Esperanza seems pessimistic in saying that, certainly, in a few years, the Mayan culture will disappear.