Hola a todos.as,

Second day of our trip and already much to tell … It is difficult to describe so many emotions and discoveries we have had in only a matter of hours!

We spent the day with members of the NGO Wuqu’Kawoq. Once a month, they organize a general meeting with their entire staff, including nurses, doctors and volunteers of the organization, to discuss the successes and future objectives. This meeting was an opportunity to better understand how the NGO works and how they value ​​their members. Most of them are Guatemalan and Mayan women (only 3 men … and we alone as Westerners!): It is a mode of organization that changes what can be seen in most NGOs.

« El empoderamiento »

The floor was taken by almost all members during the meeting, which resulted in incredible energy. We saw women talking about their daily work with Wuqu’Kawoq, their patient.e.s, successes and areas for improvement. In the afternoon, Doña Esperanza, a local trainer, conducted a workshop on the UN’s goals for sustainable development. Education holds an important place for the NGO and its members to enable everyone to better understand the ins and outs of their missions. We had an opportunity to interact more with the staff through a group exercise, in which we reflected on ways to implement the UN’s goals at the local level.

We learned a lot from this day, especially from a human point of view. The women we spoke to are incredibly generous. Despite what we tend to call “language barrier” or “cultural barrier,” we were able to reflect together on international and local issues, and more generally to talk about our respective lives and everyday experiences, despite the so-called “differences”. Moreover, Dona Esperanza invited us to the wedding of one of her friends tomorrow … We will tell you all that very quickly!

To end the day, we went to order tortillas for the evening: we took 12 knowing that we were 4 … but they were sold by 3. We’ll let you do the math …! There are 36 tortillas that we bought … which earned us some smiles by amused locals! We still have some progress to make …