Hola todos,

It took us no less than 36h to find the wifi, but it’s done! We can not wait until we arrive in Tecpan, Guatemala, where we will stay for the next 30 days.

We are lodged by Esperanza -a name that gives us confidence! -, a woman from the village of Tecpan. Our house is independent and connected to other units through a shared courtyard.

Our partner association, Wuqu’Kawoq, is located only two blocks from where we live. It is from here that we can use this blog to help you find your way around this trip. We will publish an article on average every two days *.

A few words about Tecpan …

90% of the population is Maya

Upon arrival, we made the complete difference in scenery and were excited about the change in environment! However, we do not know who we are.

The majority of the population  speak Kaqchikel, and not Spanish. We are here with a translator from Wuqu Kawok to help us in our interactions.

The city is rather spread out and colorful. The rainy season feeds with a capricious and whimsical weather, it goes from the clear sky to the fine rain, the light wind to the torrential rain. The city itself changes drastically depending on the time of day. From 22h, the streets are deserted and silent. From 7am to 6pm, they are moving, colorful, restless …! This unrest is taking place every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It is the heart of the village economy. In most households, men and women sell their products to the market.

So much to share with us, we can not wait to tell you more!

See you soon!

Team InterCambio

* Offer subject to conditions, within the limit of available wifi. For any article not published in time, we are not responsible …